Gegužės 18 d. (šeštadienį) baseinas (Ežero g. 11A) dėl organizuojamų dailiojo plaukimo varžybų lankytojų nepriims.

About us

Siauliai swimming school "Delfinas" children of all ages can attend swimming and figure swimming (only girls) workouts. Also invited to visit the city and individual residents, organizations. Siauliai city municipality is to approve rates for a one-time visit to the swimming pool and accounts.

Swimming is a body movement of water through coordinated arm and leg movements. Swimming is considered one of the healthiest sports, because moving water is less strain on the joints. Therefore, hair can be both healthy and varying degrees of impaired people.

Swimming competitions conducted 25 or 50-meter pools. The competition athletes compete in the following events:

50, 100, 200-meter butterfly, back, or chest;

50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 meters freestyle;

100, 200, 400 meters in a complex way;

4 * 100 meters combined eSafety;

4 * 100, 4 * 200 meter freestyle relay.

Synchronized swimming - water sports, which harmonize swimming, gymnastics and dance elements. The group of swimmers or one athlete in the water simultaneously with specific shapes, the complexity of which is seen judges. Synchronized swimming is divided into units (solo), twinning (duo) and group (4-8 people).